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  • Praise Abemu Dro (800g) - A Traditional Soup enjoyed in West Africa Ghana, Nigeria etc...
  • Palm Cream With Herbs -- for Strength And Vitality
  • Easy-to-prepare -- Concentrated soup means less time in the kitchen but same authentic African taste of "home"
  • All Natural Praise Palm Cream For Soup 


African Palm Cream AbemuDro is a delicious African soup sauce. This palm nut fruit juice concentrate is incredibly highly rich in nutritional value. This product is prepared from palm fruit pulp, water and salt. Palm oil in the soup is very rich in vitamin K, magnesium, vitamins A and E and also contains powerful natural anti-oxidants. It is also known to be a good source of nutrients for pregnant women.

Sauce Graine Abemu dro/ Palm Cream With Herbs/ Palmnut Cream Concentrate/ Prekes

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